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Who We Are

Welcome to the New Rochelle Democratic Committee, a dynamic group of engaged citizens dedicated to fostering a vibrant democratic process in our city. As residents of New Rochelle, we are passionately involved in representing the diverse voices of our community and ensuring that every neighborhood's needs and aspirations are heard.

Our mission extends beyond the traditional scope of political involvement. We are deeply committed to 'Get Out The Vote' efforts, recognizing the power of every vote in shaping our future. This commitment is reflected in our rigorous voter registration drives, extensive canvassing efforts, and proactive phone banking for Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

We believe in the power of ongoing outreach and maintain a year-round dialogue with our community. This continuous engagement allows us to effectively communicate with voters, ensuring that their voices are not just heard during election times but are a constant force driving our actions and policies.

Our committee meetings are open and publicized, fostering an environment of transparency and collaboration. We take pride in being a platform where policy issues are not only discussed but also acted upon. This approach sets us apart as a political organization that truly embodies the democratic spirit.

Furthermore, we are committed to nurturing and endorsing highly qualified individuals for public office. Our approach to campaigns is issue-oriented, reflecting our dedication to real and meaningful change.

Join us in our journey to strengthen democracy in New Rochelle, where every voice matters, and every action counts towards building a better future for our community.

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