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What is a District Leader?

A District Leader, also known as a County Committee Member, is a volunteer who serves on the local Democratic Party committee and represents a specific Election District within a county. Each Election District has positions for two (2) District Leaders. A map of the revised 2023 Election Districts for New Rochelle is below. New Rochelle has an active Democratic Committee, where District Leaders play an important role in engaging and mobilizing voters to support Democratic candidates, carrying petitions to get Democratic candidates on the ballot, and promoting Democratic values.

What does a District Leader do?
  • Advocacy and Representation: A District Leader serves as a liaison between the Democratic Party and the residents of their district. They advocate for their community's needs and represent their interests in the local Democratic Party.

  • Voter Mobilization: District Leaders work to engage and mobilize voters in their district by encouraging voter registration, promoting voter turnout, and educating voters about Democratic candidates and issues.

  • Grassroots Organizing: District Leaders organize and participate in grassroots efforts to promote Democratic candidates, such as phone banking, door-to-door canvassing, and community events.

  • Party Building: District Leaders work to strengthen the local Democratic Party by recruiting new members, organizing events, and fostering a sense of community among Democrats in their district.


District Leaders and Candidate Signature Collection

Democratic District Leaders play an important role collecting signatures for Democrats who are running for office in our elections. Signature collection is  required for a candidate to be included on the ballot. The signature requirement is necessary in the US to prevent frivolous candidates from running and cluttering the ballot with options that have no chance of winning. Additionally, collecting signatures requires the candidate to create a campaign structure and mobilize volunteers to help them gather signatures, which is a good indication that the candidate is serious about running for office. The number of signatures required varies depending on the position that the candidate is running for, and it helps to ensure that the candidate has a minimum level of support and organization. 

New Rochelle Election Districts

Use the Zoom controls to zoom in to find your Election District.

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